Estimate Link in Email Template

Is there a way to email an estimate to a client / contact and have them click on the link to accept WITHOUT having to log in to the portal?

I have not been getting much traction in this area from customers, and after some research with them, I am finding that they have no idea how to log into their portal because they either have never done it, or don’t know what their password is and it takes them too much time to figure it out, or have to ask me, all so they can just see their estimate.

Is this something that can be by-passed in the portal user settings? I gave the Estimates View Mine permissions to the group on my test contact that I used to test this, but it is still asking me to log in.

Is there a template tag that can just put the link to the estimate?

Seems like an overly complicated process just to get them to accept the quote electronically if they are forced to log in each time.

The portal is open until you create 1 portal user on that account. When it’s open, you use the non portal users group to control what everyone sees. The portal link is per customer, so there’s no way to know who clicks on it, that’s why as soon as you create 1 portal user, it’s locked down. If each contact had their own link, it would work much better, but doubt that will ever happen.

Ah, that explains it. But doesn’t answer my question unfortunately so it looks like it’s not possible.

Anyone else know any workarounds?

we updated the Email Template requesting they reply to the Email accepting the Quote and then manually go and accept it on their behalf.

a big button would be super helpful, or a version of portal that doesn’t require login.

We have just started saving the pdf from the estimate and then creating / attaching it to a ticket. Once we receive the approval we manually approve it in the estimate. Quite a few extra clicks for us but much easier for the client.

If the customer has no portal users, then they do not have to log in. The email link will generate a unique portal key which is a magic link (same with invoice emails.) But this means whoever has that email can access the portal so it’s less secure to do it that way. They have to use good email security practices. This method will be managed by the “Non-Portal User” portal user permission group so you can restrict or enable what they have access to when they log in that way.

If the customer has portal users, they will be required to log in with a username/password. (Portal users are also required for Splashtop End User access, so that may be something some people use.)

I think we all understand that.

But if you read above, you’ll see clearly that because the users have to log in, no one is using the system the way it was designed. Everyone is sending a PDF attachment since it’s so hard to get the client inside to see the estimate.

This defeats the whole purpose of the system to begin with.

Can we please get a way to make estimates outside of that login requirement?

Hi @mike

Please feel free to post this here: Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community. These are reviewed regularly and also allows for more users to engage and up-vote.