Error or Notification showing in Policy

I have a some policies set up to install the Managed BDGZ from Syncro. All of them are showing a notification by the devices that I have installed them on. “Bitdefender can’t install with another AV installed.” While some of them previously had BDGZ installed from another tenant, some of these have never had anything installed. BDGZ appears to have installed correctly, is updating, is functioning, and everything looks good on the BDGZ dashboard. Just that alert that shows up under the policy editing screen. Suggestions on how to resolve to eliminate the alert?

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I finally heard back from support and the issue is being sent up to the dev team as a bug.

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Having the same issue with all computers showing the warning triangle. Was told the same, that it was going to be pushed up the chain.

Syncro’s AV status monitoring has always been junky. Delayed at best. I ignore it and go by the AV dashboard/checking device itself or my own monitoring scripts.

Hi Robert,

I see that this issue has since been resolved. Please give us a shout by creating a support ticket with details of the assets if you are still seeing the issue.

Thanks. I will be on the lookout and let you know.