Enhancement for the customer module

I assume that like every other MSP, we have customers that refer other new customers to us.
Word of mouth marketing is an extremely powerful way of getting new customers.
At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a way in SyncroMSP to capture this data on who referred each new customer to us. (Of course I could create a custom field…but this is surely a feature that would make sense to be available to everyone, rather than everyone reinventing the wheel)

Can you please enhance the Referred By feature so that we can record the customer (or supplier) who referred us to a new customer?

Just to be clear, you can select the customer that referred them. The rest of the referrals are just a type, but customer allows you to select the actual customer…

perfect, thanks.
The best feature request is the one we don’t have to wait for because it has already been implemented. :partying_face: