Enhance Internal Report Builder

The Internal Report Builder needs some enhancements in order to be a useful tool.

  1. It needs to be able to return all data for a query and not be limited to the current 100 record limit
  2. Select Columns needs to have an option to sort on Customer
  3. We need to be able to choose a customer time period for the report

Agreed, need to be able to have more granular time frame like the past 24 hours or less.

I totally agree about increasing the limit from 100 rows. I have actually added a feature request to do the same for the Executive Summary Builder, so please also up vote this. :slight_smile:
The custom time period is also a nice feature.

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All reports (and list views) should have at minimum the ability to:

Select what columns appear,
Size Columns on reports,
Sort / Group by any/multiple Columns,
Filter based on any column.
Ability to Average or Sum Numeric columns (Footers per page)
Ability to Count Entries in general (Footers per page)

Likewise, any Report or Listview should have the ability to:
Export (All data on the report to Excel or CSV)
Save as PDF
Email (as PDF or Excel/CSV)


Sorry, it’s a lot. Some reports have some of these features, it’s not currently consistent. It should be on each Listview and each Report uniformly.


The lack and inconsistency of list view features across the platform is a crime against modern UI.


Email as PDF is needed badly!

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I like your detailed responses here all! I know everyone’s needs can be a little different when it comes to reporting and there are some things everyone can benefit from as well.

How much time recorded per customer
Unbilled time entries per customer
Uninvoiced time entries per customer