End User Access

I need to enable remote pc access for some end users. I can find how to do it when creating a contact, but can’t seem to find where to change what systems they have access to.

Assign the contact to an asset, and that’s the device they will be able to access.

I’m not finding where to do that at, though. That’s my issue.

Go to the asset you want them to access, on the Overview tab, there is Owner Information. Assigned Contact is what you’re looking for. Click it and assign the contact you created under the customer level.


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Is that something that isn’t available until the end of a trial?

That I am not sure. I don’t recall if I could or couldn’t do this during my trial with Syncro.

It’s available during the trial. Can you take a screenshot of an asset to make sure you’re not missing anything? It should be right there on the left side of the page, or you can go to Assets & RMM and assign from the Contact column there. Or you can add it to a ticket and assign.

Not sure what was going on but now it’s showing. Thanks for the info on where to look!