Enable portal user when creating customer

I have succesfully made it so i can create a customer using a form on my website,
one thing im struggling with is finding out how to toggle the enable portal user tick box so that they recive an email for invite.

there is the
“properties”: {},
“consent”: {}

sections that im not sure if those are what im looking for if so what can i put there

Hi @forfar,

From the customer or a specific contact under a customer you would click on “edit”, and check the box, the system will automatically send a setup email after clicking ‘save changes’.


I believe he’s talking about through the API.

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I have determined from pulling customer data out of Syncro the properties hash is for custom fields.
Except that Synco have also stuffed some fields into that hash that are not custom such as

I haven’t come across consent:{} yet.
Sorry I have no information on that.

thanks, i was needing custom fields too so thats handy, i guess i can play around and see if i can find it

Hey, thanks but yeah im meaning throught the api

The portal_users calls are where to look…

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