Enable Notifications for All Syncro Events

Syncro has the Great ability to send Notifications to SMS, Email, Slack/Teams, In app and Webhooks.
The Webhook option makes doing some custom code easy when something in Syncro happens.

The issue:
Some items are missing from Notifications.
Remote Session Started/Stopped
BackGround Tools used
Ticket Timer Started/Stopped

Updates, vs. Creation: Some items only have a notification when an item is created, not Changed/Updated.

Adding these can allow a lot more simple custom code without having to constantly scan for changes with the Syncro API. It can also allow the use of non-code-based apps like Zapier or n8n to do things easier for those that don’t code.

+1 for this feature. Being able to trigger off of any action in the system would be huge

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Currently there is no way to drill into ticket notifications either, which is sorely lacking. All other PSA allow notification settings based on notification type/queue (what Syncro calls Issue), whether the ticket is a client or not, etc. Currently it is an all or nothing notification, and all of my techs have disabled all notifications due to their phones dinging every 3 minutes.

+1 for this

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I would love to see more events added to webhooks as well. Currently the most important ones to us are when a customer is updated and when a contact is updated. The lack of these are puzzling. This would be easy and very essential ones that I would think would be included right out of the gate.


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