Emsisoft mistakenly uninstalled but now can't get it reinstalled

Trying to organize my policies to fit with inheritance. I screwed up moving stuff around (thankfully on my own assets only) and the effective policy on my desktops didn’t have AV (Emsisoft) on it, so it was uninstalled including all Emsisoft program files.

OK, no problem I think. I fixed that and changed the policy. But it didn’t reinstall Emsisoft. I tried moving an asset out of that folder into one that didn’t have AV and waited about 15 minutes. Then moved it back into the policy folder that had Emsisoft enabled. The recent activity showed that Managed AV was disabled and later Managed AV was re-enabled, but it wasn’t reinstalled.

The asset in Synco now says it has managed AV but it’s not there. I can’t run the token reapply script because the program files are not there on the machine to run that.

So how can I get Emsisoft to reinstall?


An update on how I got this resolved, but first how I screwed up. I carefully created a hierarchy of inherited policies and made sure to look at the effective policy on each to make sure it was doing what I was doing. Then I created the policy folders under a customer (my own company) first, then moved the assets into each. Problem was, I forgot to attach the appropriate policy to the policy folder, so some machines ended up not having AV defined and went ahead and deleted it.

I only had a few assets affected. I’m not exactly sure of the exact steps but it did seem to require the following:

  • Move asset to a policy that doesn’t have AV
  • Force a sync if needed (I used a script I found on Facebook Syncro group, listed below)
  • Move asset back to a policy that does have AV
  • Remove asset from Emsisoft portal if it didn’t start working
  • Reinstall the software using the download link in my Emsisoft portal for that workspace
  • Force a sync again if needed

The script I used was written by Alexandre-Jacques St-Jacques

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I had one that I had to uninstall as the install got corrupted. Just changed the contact on the asset to have it rescan installed apps and then it redeployed itself once it recognized it was not installed. Chaning the contact retriggers the asset scan otherwise I think you haveto wait 6 hours