Emsisoft manual install

We are currently working with support on a handful of machines across different clients that won’t install emsisoft. They either say install is pending (windows defender detected) or it thinks the old bitdefender AV is still installed. (which it isn’t)

Is there a way to manually push out emsisoft so that we can get protection going?

looks like I found it:

  1. for older verions needed for <win10 or <svr2016, see here: Old versions of Emsisoft

  2. for win10+ / svr2016+, use the installer here: https://dl.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe

once installed, pick up the license key from the antivirus tab on the asset.

How are you finding Emsisoft?
How many endpoints?
What sort of detection alerts do you get? (browser extensions etc)
Is it noisy to manage?

We have used emsisoft on our residential side for years. It’s pretty great and does a good job for standard AV. I’ve recently moved our lower-end business customers (that won’t buy real EDR and Managed IT) to this from bitdefender/n-central as the price is overall cheaper and it does a good job.

Not really noisy, does a good job. As of yet on our residential side we’ve had no ransomware infections since going with this product. (not saying it won’t happen, but this is a pretty good track record)

Thanks for reply. I’ll trial on a client that is close by.