Emsisoft Anti-Malware installed (not managed)

We’ve switched all clients from Emsisoft to BitDefender. I have one server that seems stuck. It’s saying a competing AV is installed while also throwing alerts for having no AV at all. The server has been rebooted 3 times since we changed this client to BitDefender.

I found “Emsiclean” in Emsisoft’s documentation and ran that. It cannot find any trace of the product.

I moved this asset to a policy that has no AV at all, then forced a sync of the asset data. About half an hour later I moved it back to the correct policy. It still refuses to install BitDefender.

This is a Server 2012R2, so Emsisoft was manually installed using their older versions. This is one of about half a dozen such servers and the only one that’s given us a problem in the switch.

How can I get BitDefender running here?

Can you try using the installer from the BD console and see if you get the same results?

I don’t see anything in Gravity Zone that will let me manually download it.

Network > Packages? You may have to create an installer for that customer.

Alright this worked!

When I downloaded the package, it prompted to reboot - twice. After that it found remnants of a Trend Micro product on the server. We’ve never used Trend. It was on there from the previous provider.

The new package was able to remove this and now BitDefender is running!