Empty ticket reminder email

Hey guys,

I have a problem with ticket reminder emails. A lot of time, the client are receiving empty email, the only thing they receive is the subject. Does anyone else have the same problem?

I’ve tried multiple times to contact Syncro support about this in the past year and a half and yeah, they were not really helpful so I’m wondering if any of you guys had the same issue and if you were able to fix it? (I mean, not helpful at all)

BTW, anyone else having trouble this week while trying to answer by email to a ticket? For me, a lot of time, even if I select “email” it actually creates a “public note” and then the client end up telling us: hey, we did not receive any answer for our support request because of that.


You’re not alone! Happened to us a few times today!

I’ve noticed that the email updates looks like a Public Note until the client reads the email. If you look at the customer communication tab, it will show the email go out. If you are not seeing anything in the communications tab, edit the customer and make sure the checkbox for no email of any kind is not checked. For the blank email reminders, check your templates. I’m not sure what ticket reminder email you are talking about, they can be setup different ways, for example, we use Ticket Automations to add a public comment, which then uses the Ticket Comment template. As long as you use {{ticket_public_comments_for_email}} in it, it shouldn’t come out blank.

Yes exactly. I’m talking about Ticket Automation.

When the ticket has not been updated in 24 hours we got set it up so it send an email to the customer/contact. Lot of time, only the subject appear and not the content of the email.

Change it to Public Comment and give that a try. All ours are set that way and we have had no issues with it emailing out, and it shows up in the ticket as part of the thread so you can easily audit.


  • The email is always being sent to the customer and the customer receive it
  • 8 time on 10 it’s all good. But some time, the email body it totally empty.
  • It happens multiple time a day, so not very cool for our client to be receving empty email from us…

I tried to recreate a few time the automation with different settings and nop, same issue! It’s been this way since March - April last year (2021).

Understood. I’m not excusing the mess this is making, it should work as intended, but have you tried the public comment method? In this way, if they are getting all your normal communications find, then they will show up correctly as well. I like it this way so I can look at the ticket, see it in the thread and understand trends of contacts. I can also easily audit and make sure we responded and just never heard back from people. If a manager ask, I can clearly show them the thread where we responded, and it also sent them reminders.

Hi Jimmie,

Hmm, why would I do that? We want the customer who opened that ticket to receive that reminder email, not our employee!

So the automation does two things:

  1. Send an email to the client to say “Hey, we havent heard from you since 36 hours (…)”
  2. Add a private comment : “A reminder has been sent to the customer”

The automation run but the email received by the client is empty. There’s not really a way to analyse it. There’s one actually, it would be to look at the message “content” in Outlook like in HTML, but it’s totally empty, so there’s really nothing to look at.

Example of an eamil receveid by one of my customer.

Adding a Public Comment does send an email to the contact on the ticket. I do not get emails when the Public Comments are added, but I think you can turns these on and off in the notification center. Public Comment gets emailed to a customer, Public Note does not, it’s hard to see that both exist, but when you’re working on the ticket, it’s Email, Public Note, Private Note, and in the automations, you see Public Comment. Like I said, your method should be working, I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be, but I know a lot of us use the Public Comment method.

That’s exactly my point. The problem is not the public note/public comment/private comment/private note, it’s more the first part of my automation “Email customer/contact”

Your automation looks good, it should send the body message. It looks like you have SMTP enabled so whoever manages your SMTP server may be able to see if there’s anything happening in the logs.

One suspicion I have is that perhaps there’s something it doesn’t like about there being special characters in there.

Is this intermittent on the same customers? As in, one day it will send a message body to company A, but then the next day the body is missing when messaging company A? About how often is this happening overall? Is this happening with any other automation or just the 36hr one?

Hey Alexandra,

It seem to be a problem only with this one. It’s quite sporadic. I’m recreating it now and hopefully it will fix it.

Did you manage to fix this or is it still problematic? If so, we’d love to take a look. Please send us more details by creating a Support ticket.