Employee Training

I was looking through the Syncro numerous videos on YouTube. I need to train a new employee. He has used Connectwise in the past but he seems lost on Syncro. Anyone have a video they recommend?

Also I found the New Account Training webinars, but they look more geared towards to Syncro Admins. Would this be beneficial for an employee with no admin privileges?

I would love to help in anyway possible, to create a more concentric knowledge base gears more towards training tutorials! Just trying to be helpful here, I remember just pulling up a KB article each time I cam across something I needed to understand. Then some of those have yt vids. Wondered if they had a playlist going already, but it seems bit out of date, last added to 2020.


Would be awesome to all help SyncroMSP get a SyncroMSP University going!

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