Emailing my helpdesk creates a customer, not a contact


I use Syncro for in-house IT operations at my company. When a user emails my account it creates a ticket, which is to be expected, but then that sender becomes their own customer. Is there a way to set it so when they email in they just become a contact for the only customer I have (our company)? Otherwise I have a number of customers when I really just want the one customer/organization with all the employees listed as contacts so that I can assign assets and tickets to them individually. Any suggestions on how to make that happen or am I using the system incorrectly?


I think you need to go to Admin → Emails → Email Rules.

Create a rule with a domain filter, add your only customer, and click the “Auto create Contact…” check box. This seems to work for me.

Will give it a try. Thanks!

Tyler’s method above will work and you can also add the email domain by editing the customer and adding the email domain.

This will create the same Email Rule.