Email Rules

So we have some email rules created and have the following settings:
email = .
subject filter = [SOMETEXT]
Customer name = CLIENTNAME

When we forward an email to our syncromsp email address, a ticket is created but it is created under our company and not filtering as you see above. The email subject I forward does contain [SOMETEXT] but yet when the ticket is created it is not assigned to customer CLIENTNAME

Anyone else have this issue and/or is this now a known bug as well?

Did you try forwarding this without your signature?

I have not but if you think that may be the cause I can give it a try. It is a long shot since subject would be before body in an e-mail and headers but hey, you never know.

when I went to try this I realized I was removing my signature but I went ahead and deleted everything in the email and left just the subject but yet no luck. Still did not work.

@syncromsp What say you since support is included per licensing. We don’t pay for community support.

If you are forwarding an email it is seeing the email address that is forwarding from as the sender. If the subject in this case still has FW: It can typically resolve that correctly…

You should not be forwarding the email but rather redirecting it which makes it appear as if it is coming from the original sender.

(Create Tickets automatically from inbound email)

Example: Subject filter

Maybe you want any emails with the subject containing “medcorp” to attach to your customer called Medical Corp. Just create a rule with a period in the Email address field, the Subject filter with “medcorp” and attach the email rule to that Customer name.

As per the documentation the email should not matter however, since I try before I comment…I went and tried as you suggested and confirm the following…
Subject FW does not matter.
What does matter is the forwarding email address cannot exist in Syncro for the email rule to work. I guess that is what they mean by unknown vs using the period. I will see what I can do to now resolve this. What sucks is that it adds the incoming email address to the ticket CC section.

What I am trying to do here is forward emails for service alerts pertaining to a client to the ticket system, auto assign it to the correct customer based on the email filters. Just trying to use technology and no there is no other way as the alerts are coming from so all the tickets would be assigned to the vendor if we send it directly to the our support email . We then would have to login and change the customer and assign the contact. Trying to reduce steps.


Issue resolved.
Make sure the email you are forwarding from does not exist anywhere in Syncro and the email rules will work. Thanks @garyh

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