Email Policies

I have been playing with the emails sent when I generate tickets, and I see some areas that could be improved. I thought I’d ask the community if I’m missing something before a feature request.

  • When creating a ticket from an email “Lead,” the template used is the ticket comment email? Why?

  • When creating a ticket from an email “Lead,” is there a way to determine who exactly get the email? It looks to me like every CC on the email gets a copy of the creation email, and you can’t delete any of them.

  • Has anyone been able to get the “No Mail” thing to work? I find that some clients that have asked me not to send so much spam will still get my emails if they are a CC on an email lead.

  • Is there a report I can do to see who gets sent emails? It’s hard to manage who gets the emails if you don’t know where and when they are sent.

Thanks for reading this.

This should be “Ticket Created Email” template. There are other ticket creations that do not use this template, but this one does.

CC’s are not entities like contacts, they are just email addresses, so they do not adhere to the no mail rule because they’re not tied to anything. You can remove CC’s off a ticket, (edit CC, click X, hit save) but if the customer CC’s again, they get added back.

If you look at each comment, there’s a mail icon showing who the message was sent to. You can also go to Customer > Communications

“This should be “Ticket Created Email” template.” ~ It’s not - try it.

" You can remove CC’s off a ticket" ~ Obviously, but you can’t choose who gets emailed while creating from a lead with CCs

" You can also go to Customer > Communications" ~ I don’t have communications under customers

I’m looking at all our sent items and it’s most definitely using the Ticket Created Email.
If you are talking about what is coming to you internally, then that’s different. Those don’t use any of the templates, they use internal templates that are not editable.

Right because those are just email addresses that the contact put on there and intended for them to receive communication. They are not related to a contact, or even the customer, so there’s no way to control that and is why the No Mail doesn’t work. You could probably do something with mail flow rules on your mail server if you really wanted to deny all communication to certain email addresses.

You open up a customer and you don’t have a communications tab?

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I was in admin and customers - I found the Communications on the customer record - thanks for the pic.

I found the report that tells the emails sent out of Syncro -
On the Reports Tab > Email and SMS > Communication Summary