Email Forwarding / Syncro Spam Blocking

A little frustrating issue I have run into that has caused a pretty crucial pain point for my team with Syncro.

We have a pretty large client that is standing up internal ticketing with Zendesk for facilities management/etc. To lessen confusion for their staff, they wanted all of their ticketing to go there, including things that would normally come straight to our team for IT/Network Infra work. All of the tools seem to be in place to do this.

We create a trigger in Zendesk for IT-related requests to forward to a Syncro mailbox. When I setup the new inbound mailbox, and activate it, it asks for a test email to come in to actually activate. When attempting this, everything works (including the mailbox showing a green ‘Active’ tag in Syncro) but no ticket is actually created. And after activation, any emails from the Zendesk mailbox never receive a reply or response, and never generate a ticket. Emails from other sources work fine.

After reaching out to Syncro Support about this issue, there was a back and forth for 3 or 4 days, and to be finally told there is nothing that can be done about this because Syncro is blocking the incoming email as spam from the sender it is coming from, and they have no way to whitelist it.

This is particularly frustrating to me that a product that has a such heavy emphasis on the mail delivery portion does not have any systems in place to whitelist addresses as needed. In my eyes, this is a huge lapse in functionality on Syncro’s part, as I can not see building a solution that throws email processing in its backbone for ticket creation, but then does not have any way to self-manage its own spam policies.

The suggested solution from Syncro support was to double forward. So send the original generation email to a completely different email box, then have that email box forwarded to the Syncro RSM box. But this does not solve anything as far as I can tell, because it will let the tickets generate sure (which still may require a header change in the forwarding process to prevent it still seeing the mail coming from zendesk email), but if I replied to the ticket, it would not send to the correct destination.

I’m not sure if I expect any assistance on this, but if someone has run into a similar issue and has a nice solution please let me know. I am about to build a power automate workflow they should do what I need through API interactions. But I’m not very thrilled I have to give this much attunement for what should be an email forward and fuggedaboutit

does the below link help?

I appear to have a similar issue. We have a customer who uses Zendesk for their internal ticketing… Zendesk is trying to forward tickets to us however, whist I can see the email coming into our domain, Syncro does not raise a ticket and there is no trace of the email.
Surely there must be a way around this?

Nothing shows up here I’m afraid.

Would be nice if there was. But after a multiple-day engagement with support, I was essentially told there was nothing syncro could do in the way of whitelisting the sender. Which is bothersome.

@ian.alexander is there any way we can get to the bottom of this issue? It’s pretty disruptive

Still no acknowledgment of this from Syncro. Shame.

see if enabling the leads module fixes this