Edit notifiaction set

i have a technical issue at this point but didn’t found any info about support address.
My request would be is it possible to change the notification template from notifiaction set
like this:
some information are missing for us in the body and the Subject should be something more related to the Problem like firewall off or application crash instead of RMM Alert
customer information and last logged in user would be good as well.

Hey @itnextg,

There aren’t any templates for notifications in the Notification Center.

You can use Automated Remediation to create more custom notifications when alerts come in.

i mean there is the RMM Alert and some others custermizable? I just want customer information in it

Hi Frank, can you explain this further please? We have the same requirement - we would like to have improved formatting of alert emails. “RMM Alert” is kind of useless. Typically with most monitoring products you get to use variables in the subject line, such as %customername% %devicename% %alertdetail%

So the techs see something like:
Acme Corp - DC01 - Drive space alert C: is below 10%

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Sure, I’d be happy to dig in a little deeper.

Automated Remediation is a different feature than the standard notifications and would be used in place of notifications. Automation Remediation will perform an action when an alert is created that fits your specified criteria.

For example, you can have a remediation that can send emails, posts in Teams, makes tickets, or even run a script to take immediate action. The emails specifically can be used in place of notifications and can be fully customized. Here’s an example of a simple email notification:

On this same page there is a full list of compatible tags.

However, you may notice there aren’t tags available for customer information. There is a workaround for this. Basically, the customer information would have to be saved on the asset itself in an Asset Custom Field.

You can automate this by first creating a ‘Customer Name’ custom field and then running this script or something similar:

This can also be expanded to gather more customer information to save on the asset.

This article will go more into detail about creating Automated Remediations: Automated Remediation

is there a way to post to a own webhook?

for all others we solved this with a api call into our Ticketsystem (freshdesk) and for trigger we used the Webhook which provides all information needed for this.