Edit email template for Tech's New Ticket Notification?


I am aware that we can edit the template that the customer receives upon new ticket creation. However, I can’t seem to find editing capability for notifications that are sent to techs when a new ticket is created.

To clarify: I would like to edit the email template of the email that is sent if you check the option to email an alert in Admin > Notification Center > “Ticket - created (for anyone)”

Right now, that email template just shows Customer, Ticket Number, Subject, etc, etc

I would also like to include the Relevant Asset and the contact name of the user who generated the Ticket using the Agent Contact Form.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Skiddy! These ones are hardcoded and can’t be edited. All email templates that can be edited are available under Admin > PDF/Email Templates > Email Templates.

I’ll move this over to the feature request board for you.

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Hi Alexandra,

Thank you! This would be fantastic to have added to this template. My team relies on email notifications for ticket intake, and it would be extremely useful to have the name of asset in question and associated contact name so we can be adequately informed.


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Has this been moved to a feature request yet? This is a huge oversight.

How can a ticket arrive to a technician without mentioning WHICH ASSET has the issue??? When we receive a notification that a new ticket has arrived, the notification is useless and actually causes to waste time because we have to stop and login to the Syncro system, authenticate ourselves, and navigate to the ticket, JUST TO SEE THE ASSET NAME. Only to go back out of the software, open the remote access and get to work on the issue. Now imagine if you are on the road and need to do this 10 times in one day from a mobile device. Do you see how this lack of information causes us to waste time throughout the day? we need ONE LINE ADDED: {{asset_name}}
Can this be done? in 2022?

Hello, it is on the Feature Request board yes- that would mean it’s submitted. Posting on the thread if you also would like this is a good way to show support for it and why.

Definitely bumping to maintain interest in this feature addition!

My reasons are very similar to that of HometechIT.

Our techs rely on email notifications to quickly obtain information on ticket requests. Adding the Asset name, and Contact Name for the user who submitted the ticket would save a TON of time from having to login to the Syncro Web interface each time we need to address a ticket. Often, techs are in the field, and can’t easily login to the web interface without firing up a laptop, etc, etc.

The fix does seem (hopefully) fairly simple.


I’d like to see this too.

We use the “Ticket - created from email” notification to techs a lot. On the default template, the customer info and ticket ID are at the top…and the link to the ticket is all the way at the bottom. That makes it harder than necessary to open up the ticket in question. This would be easy for me to adjust in the template, except I can’t, because it’s hard coded…

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Bumping this request for all of the reasons mentioned previously.

I literally just called support about this and was told it’s not possible. Then I go here and find this since MARCH. Come on guys this is not rocket science!!! We really need to be able to edit this, OR change your hard code to supply more info such as relevant asset, and the contact info that was entered into the contact form.

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And yet the impact of a thread being moved to the Feature Request board is that after 6 months no one can show support for it ever again. :frowning: :astonished: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Appreciate all the bumps!

Definitely still interested in this, but it seems the hard code may be locked away in a vault somewhere and someone has lost the key? :thinking:

Have mercy! :face_holding_back_tears: