Edit asset type, create manual asset

Hey guys,

Currently, I’m unable to edit an asset type and also the experience of creating a manual asset is a bit choppy. Heres a little video with explanation over it.


The missing change asset type on individual assets is weird, but I was successful in bulk changing a test asset. If I recall correctly, you can’t change certain items into other types. It should give you a warning or failure, but it didn’t in your demo. For example, I was able to change a Firewall into an Unmanaged computer, and looks like I can change between SNMP devices too. So maybe try bulk editing that one item and change it to something else. I don’t think you can mess with Syncro Device type, which looks like you attempted in your example.

Perhaps, it should give me an error and say “hey bud, you can’t do this!”

I changed device that has a custom asset type that I created named “Router/Firewall/Switch” to “Network” device. I don’t see why it would be a problem!

Definitely should provide an error. When you go to change device type from a custom asset type, Syncro Device is absent. I’m sure it has to do with being tied to an actual agent. Same with trying to convert from, it won’t let you, but I think everything else is fair game.

Well, if you guys are happy with that behavior and those little broken parts everywhere on Syncro, good for you I’ll stop pointing them out since no one ever want to fix it :smile:

There’s also a problem in the creation of manual asset as explained. Another glitchy function.

Not sure about your tone, but I was agreeing with you, this needs to be fixed/improved. The only thing I was saying that made sense with the behavior was not being able to manipulate Syncro Device type.

Hi @olagace

Thanks for bringing this up - It sounds like what is needed is an error message and perhaps some documentation to define the process.
In Syncro, the “type” is defined based on if the asset has an agent on it or the type you assign when creating a new asset. At times, users find that the “Form Factor” is what they would like to be using for this intention.

An additional feature that I find others using when they utilize form factor is to have it as a column heading for ease of reference and sorting ability when needed.
You can add items, such as “form factor” to the Asset view from the “Customize” button here

This is what mine looks like

If you find these features lacking, this is something that may interest others as well. Please feel free to post the detailed request here: Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community where it can be reviewed and allow for other users to engage and up-vote.