EAV showing pending install on asset face sheet

On the face sheet of an asset, we see:
[Orange bug symbol] MANAGED ANTIVIRUS (potentially blocked by other AV)
EAM install pending

But on the AV tab, scan results are reporting in, and the machine is proper in the EAV console. We literally have hundreds of machines that are doing this. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Hey Jonathan, welcome in! Your first post hurray! :heart_eyes:

How long has it been displaying this way? Sometimes we see that it can take time to sync. If it has been longer than a day, we’ll likely have to take a look at your system. As this would take a little deeper of an investigation and we may need to ask you account-related questions go ahead and email us at help@syncromsp.com so we can speak one on one.

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Will do, as John Bartow said below, it has been like this for months now.
I will have to loop the owner in, I only have limited access to Syncro and cannot look at or change policies. I’ll coordinate with him to submit that email.

Hey everyone! This issues is a known one and has already been logged with our development team. :octo_cool:

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Is there an ETA for a fix?

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Good question. We rarely give ETAs for fixes because the development queue is always being triaged and updated as different reports come in. The last thing we want to do is give out ETAs and not deliver.

More importantly to us, does this impact how Syncro and Emsisoft function? Things seem to be coming through into the Syncro Asset Alerts. Is this just a visually annoying thing, but in reality things work behind the scenes? I’d rather it just look right and be fixed, but I can’t risk the security of our clients.


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@john.nelson On all the reports we’ve received, Emsisoft was functioning properly. The defect is that the installation status isn’t being reflected correctly on the Asset Overview for some assets. I agree it is annoying, but there isn’t a lapse in antivirus coverage.

But it makes it difficult if not impossible to detect ACTUAL install/function issues. I would elevate this beyond a mere “visual annoyance”. It’s basic functionality that noone can be bothered to fix. That, to me says something.


I agree with Mark. How can we rely on the product if the simple stuff like this can’t be trusted?

We had this with webroot as well, and a they could say was change the policy and change it back.

Very unreliable.

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I have had a ticket for this for more than a year, with no answers from support
Screenshot from 2022-06-03 11-20-15

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i just moved 100 endpoints from n-central to syncro.

i’m having the same issue here (defender detected, EAM install pending) and emsisoft will NOT install.

i have another handful of computers that think bit defender (from n-central) is still installed when it isn’t, and so won’t install emsisoft