Duplication of tickets

hey guys,

we’re seeing duplication of tickets created for some reason. I can’t find it in any of our 365 accounts (if there was a rule at Exchange and another in Outlook). I am a bit stumped and hoping that the backend team can see where the two messages are coming from.

thanks for any ideas…

I know it’s confusing when you go to make a ticket and it says to post on the forums, but you’ll probably want to make a ticket anyway. They’ll have to go into sendgrid and see what’s up. I’m assuming you’ve either looked in your sent items in your support mailbox or done a message trace to see if there’s not a 2 of everything showing up there?

Hi @gord,

Jimmie would be correct if you haven’t can you please raise a ticket for this issue. @Jimmie, I agree that it feels like a bit of back and forth and we are working on updating that verbiage.

Standby on this… it might’ve been our 3rd party filtering outgoing mail as well. So far since the change there’s only been one new ticket, so I won’t know for sure for a bit… I’ll update and will raise a ticket if need be.

thanks guys!

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