Duplicate filename in ticket attachment overwrites original upload

When customers are attaching screenshots to tickets, they’ll upload an image001.png to the ticket, and that’s fine. When they want to put another screenshot on the ticket, oftentimes it ends up also named image001.png

The expected behavior would be to now have an image001.png and an image001(1).png attached to the ticket.

The actual behavior is that there is one image001.png attached to the ticket and it is the last one to be uploaded.

Uploading a file with the same name as an existing file already attached to the ticket, overwrites the original file instead of creating a new file with a different name.

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This one is frustrating. They also have a deduplication system that prevents new files from being attached and I have to use our support mailbox to see what the customer sent. So if a customer sends multiple inline images, I may only receive 1 in Syncro.

This is the only reason I have the support mailbox set up in my Outlook, so I can go look at raw attachments as necessary. I had to apologize to one client because I was looking at completely the wrong screenshot when giving advice and only figured it out after digging through the support mailbox.