Draft icon in the estimate status column

Similar to how there are icons for approved, ticket is open, and last emailed under the status colum, it would be helpful to have a pencil icon marking a estimate as a draft vs sorting all estimates to show the estimates that are still being built.

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  • one here. @Andy do you guys realize that if you put a quote in there for the customer it shows instantly in the portal, even if you are in the middle of it. I had a quote I was building for a customer and they saw it in the portal and were budgeting for it, when i didn’t even have all the pricing in yet. This seems like a big issue. Maybe the draft status will do that, but I’m not sure yet. However seems like the default value should be draft if that is the case. Then if you email it, then it should update the status to sent.

It shouldn’t in the draft status for an estimate. But it does on invoices which is not cool. We need a draft status for invoices… or in reality that should really be enveloped under Approve/Post mechanics.

If it is a draft, it shouldn’t let them see it in the portal, at least that is how I read it.

Can draft status become the default? Seems like that should be the default behavior. Just my opinion. But Not cool when a client see an unfinished quote we didn’t intend for them to see.

Honestly it would be good if that was a toggle option in the admin settings. For folks that don’t use the portal I bet they would find that annoying, so best to cater to both worlds. Would you mind spinning up a separate feature request for this one? It’s a good idea.

Yes, you can set draft as default. I just turned that on in the estimate preferences yesterday.

Lol thanks for that. I had to go look when I read that and didn’t even realize we’d ever added that. Learn something new every day :slight_smile: