Download RMM Agent in Customer Portal?

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to enable download of the RMM Agent inside of the Customer Portal?

Can’t seem to find any documentation on how/where I could enable something like that.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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There isn’t a built-in way, but the one way I can think to do it would be to add the RMM Agent URL through a documentation page.

Then it would show up on the portal here…

You can style the page however you like but that should work. As this is posting an installer link to users you’re not directly vetting, you may want to turn asset approval on within your system.


This would be a great feature to have, especially considering that the recurring invoice modules allow us to setup invoice items based on device counts. This would give clients more of that self-service ability that would save tech’s a bunch of time having to roll a truck to go setup a device or email over links to the client and walk them through the process. I like this idea +1

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What a smart workaround! Thanks Alexandra!

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