Double Ticket Notifications - Internal

I was just informed that my technicians are all receiving double emails from Syncro each time a ticket is created or responded to from a client. In doing some testing, it indeed is sending double emails. Does anyone know if this a bug or if I have a setting enabled somewhere that is causing this? I have SMTP setup to push emails through a dedicated account. Each time a ticket is created or responded to, the technician will get one email from my O365 SMTP account and one from the Syncro Sendgrid account. Each email looks completely different but very similar information. The client is only getting the communications from our O365 support account so that is working as expected.

Hi @ddonalson,

Welcome to the community sorry for the delay here. Can you put in a ticket for this so that we can have a closer look at why this is being sent twice to your techs?

Ticket was already put in and is being actively investigated. I was hoping it was just a setting and the community would have some insight but I think that was just a pipe dream.


Did you figure this out? We’ve seen this too.

Yes, we had to turn off some notifications options we had selected in the notification center.

First, for the new ticket notifications we had to turn off one of the following two settings:
Our current Settings:
Ticket - created (for anyone) - Enabled
Ticket - created from email - Disabled

Second, for the double responses to the technicians we had to disable this setting:
Ticket - Someone replied to my Ticket - Disabled

Previously, we had all three of those settings enabled which apparently was causing the system to send multiple emails. All is well now.