Double Email sent out when a client opens a new ticket via email - update please?

Can we please get an update on this issue? Every time my clients email me they get the autoreply email and then a second email that just has their original message in it, and it’s driving both them and me nuts.

Rich text really, really wasn’t ready.

The fix for this is being worked on by engineering. I know this is really annoying and we have it as one of the top priorities, I just don’t have the timeline of when the fix will be complete.

Sounds like the AMA tomorrow is going to have some discussions about this release. It’s one thing to release an untested feature and have a bunch of bugs. It’s not acceptable, but still expected. It’s another thing entirely to have testers reporting bugs and you release it anyway. CW did this and affected our workflow and this was the last straw for us. There’s just really no excuse for that, and botching releases is going to cost them subs.

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