Don't include certain types of tickets in metrics (dashboard/reports)

Is it possible to create a specific ticket type that isn’t calculated in our dashboard average first response, average time to resolution.

Reason being: we’re working on some larger projects and we still want those to be somewhere in Syncro, but they’re not quick projects, so they’re managed outside syncro (project management wise) but it’s killing our ticket times.

You can do this with specific statuses if you have an SLA setup, but not with specific ticket types.

That’ss work. Just looking for a way to keep track of some things that aren’t really needed to be tracked in metrics.

Thanks for the reply.

Then I believe there is no way to do it. SLAs aren’t really valid if it’s project work exclusively, so I get what you are saying. Perhaps down the road there could be a way to make like a universal SLA that is just handled in the Admin settings and applies to all customers in some type of hidden way. Would that do what you want you think?

Ok, I might be a bit confused.

I’m not entirely worried about the SLA side of it. If I created an “in project” SLA, and created a custom ticket type “in project” would it count in our metrics.

To clarify, I’m not trying to track project items in Syncro, just to show that there is a ticket there (and have a place to add ticket notes to), we just don’t want a 2 or 3 month project to make it look like we don’t close tickets for 2 or 3 months in the metrics.

From your initial reply, it sounded like the above would work?

Hopefully I’m making sense, been a long day.

Well currently you make SLAs and then assign them to customers. So if the customer was under SLA, you could configure the SLA to exclude any status or statuses, even custom ones, and they would be excluded from your metrics. Same if you add business hours to the SLA.

Try that and let me know if it doesn’t work for any reason. In reality, we need some form of “internal” tickets that are straight up excluded from support-based metrics, but I am fairly surer this will work for you in the meantime.

If I am remembering correctly, I believe there was talk of building multiple ticket Queues in the End of year fire side chat. Being able to view metrics by Ticket Queue, (or in the meantime saved ticket searches) would be another way to filter out the tickets that need to be excluded from metrics.

Hey Rob, you can create the “In Project” sla apply the options. When you create the project ticket on the left hand side there is a drop-down that allows you to choose the sla to apply to the ticket. I belive this will work for your needs.

A global remove ticket type from metrics option:

I would really like these feature. All it takes is for a tech to miss putting it in a status where the SLA isn’t paused. Making a workflow where the ticket type falls off the metrics completely is something that I would really like.
Another issue is if you add a ticket status and forget to go back into the SLA and select it, once again your metrics get hosed.
Nothing like having your techs absolutely being on their game and one person forgets to change the status or the admin forgets to update the SLA and you just went from being excited to show your customer the metrics to being embarrassed and having to explain the situation.