Dollar Sign symbol in Security Group settings

Can someone tell me what the ($) means next to “Assets - Edit Policy” and “Policies - Edit”?

Much like “Snail Mail - Send”, I would assume this means there’s an extra charge for using these settings. I would also think that editing policies would be included in our normal subscription, as we do this already.

Seems a little confusing.



Sure, it means that giving this permission to a user will give them the ability to perform actions that cost money.

For policies, this inculdes things like enabling managed antivirus or backups on policies.

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Awesome, I was hoping that’s what it meant as I had some users that had access and some that did not, but I really need to give everyone access to policy management.

I would recommend, as more of a UI clarity concern, that if a notation were to be left next to an item such as a specific permission, then a footnote detailing what that notation means would be appropriate. There is nothing on the page that explains this potential warning, nor is there on the KB article at the top of the page which is supposed to detail how to assign permissions to security groups (

Thanks again!


Good point. I can bring up the footnote with the Product Team.

In the meantime, we can update the KB with some more details. Thanks for pointing this out.