Documentation and Marketing Material to Show People SyncroMSP Pays Great Attention to Making Sure RMM is Safe from Exploit Hack Take Over

Had an educated customer grill me the other day on how she wasn’t sure about joining our plan because she was concerned about the RMM tool on her machine being compromised in some way. I assumed she’d read something about the kaseya hack, and made me think: Well i actually haven’t come across some SyncroMSP highlight of how they are making sure this doesn’t happen to them… Then thought I should know how Syncro does focus on this, and make marketing materials about it for myself lol.

So is this is a thing already? Must be engineer internally one would imagine…
How can we bring this to the community to be talked and worked on together?

Would be a great community topic to have webinar’s on imho!

@revivaltechrepair I cam across this article the other day.
Security and Reliability - SyncroMSP

Is this the kind of info you are looking for?

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Depends on how you setup syncro somewhat on how secure it is.

  1. Secure passwords…
  2. Two Factor Authentication (i think you can adjust how often it reports for 2fa. We have set to to most frequent
  3. IP Locking
  4. HIPAA compliance option (this isn’t so much security as “compliance”.
  5. They’ve posted before about hiring numerous penetration testers… Would love to hear more about that from Syncro…
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Yeeaaa, that’s a start haha. Thanks!

Riiight right, I ran through all that with her haha. Agree, would like something I can link my client to have the syncro authority rest their concerns. Thanks for the reply!