Document Attachments - how does customer view them?

Experimenting w/ sharing a PDF via the customer portal. I create a doc and attach a PDF.

1 - I can’t see the attachment in the customer’s portal - ??

2 - If I want to view the attachment in my portal, I have to copy a partial URL - what?

3 - The attachments are not secured, no password/creds required, just need the link…

What am I missing? If I’m not missing anything then this feature needs to go back into the dev cycle to be completed I should think.

Hello Ken,

To have a Portal User view PDF attachments in the portal need to do the following:

  1. Drag a PDF into the Attachments section under the Customer page
  2. Click on the three dots → Make public on Customer Portal
  3. Make sure the Portal User has the permissions of Attachments - View Public

Your Portal user should now be able to view the PDF attachment.

The PDF is a public link, but it’s a really long one that’s generated securely and not something anyone would be able to guess.

However, if you do want to require an extra step for a password, you’re welcome to make a feature request here: Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community

That looks like you’re in Tickets, I’m talking about Documents under Customer tab, adding attachments there to permanently share with customer.

I noticed this got marked as solved, guessing an admin did that?