Do not reset settings page when it encounters an error

I just created my new Default Policy for Policy inheritance. I had one system tray menu item that listed a phone number as a “Display some text” item. Since it was displaying a phone number it made sense to enter it as a “tel:” URL, so I did.

Unfortunately Syncro doesn’t know how to handle that and threw an error message: " ×There was an error. Menu items title can’t be blank, Menu items url We can’t work with this url." I’m not sure where it got the idea that a menu item title was blank and I cannot check since Syncro reset the entire page!

It’s not really a big deal to only be able to display the phone number as text, but if I had known is was a high risk move that was going to wipe out the entire policy template, I would have waited until I created the policy the way it had been.

I am also having issues with any policy that contains System Tray items. I get similar error messages to yours.

The following error was encountered while saving the policy:

  • fields - Invalid menu item (569061), Invalid menu item (569068), Invalid menu item (569070), Invalid menu item (569226), Invalid menu item (569233), Invalid menu item (569235)

I cannot save any policies with System Tray items created prior to migration to Policy Inheritance, which means I cannot edit my old policies at all!

I can create new policies, but if I add “Insert Divider” System Tray items, I get errors. I am stuck until this gets fixed!

Interesting. I have multiple dividers in my tray menus and was able to save them without any difficulty. Hopefully you a request in with support.

I was hoping to be able to merge multiple tray menus, Unfortunately the unique portions of my menus are in the middle and inheritance feature of the system tray menus is additive, meaning that I can only tack on additional items at the end.

Overall I like the new policy inheritance capability.

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