Do not email should equal do not SMS on ticket creation

Please make it so that tickets that are created with “do not email” also do not SMS the client.
Or add a “Do not SMS” tick box to ticket creation screen.

We constantly have to disable SMS, create ticket, enable SMS which is a pain in the backside.

Are you saying you don’t want a SMS to be sent on ticket creation, and to only be used when you select SMS in the communication areas?

If so, i’d checkout the following:

First: SMS/MMS - Details, Instructions, Templates, Communication - Docs - Syncro Support Community (In specific the SMS area)
Second: SMS Templates Syncro Admin
Third: Ticket Workflow Settings - Then enable the checkmark box for SMS on the customer. (This is what I would do)

If I’m wrong, please completely ignore me!

Most of the time we do want the user to be texted. But when it is a “behind the scenes” type ticket then no SMS / Email should be sent.