DKIM Support

Would definitely like to see DKIM support on Syncro, outgoing emails are very sensitive if they can be spoofed, and SPF alone isn’t enough to prevent spoofing.

Are there plans for DKIM support in the future?


Also requesting this.


How there isn’t DKIM already is wild lol. +1 for this.


A client recently notified me that our reminders have gone to her spam folder. Moved DKIM monitoring to mailhardener and found the alignment issue…ACK! Switched on SMTP server usage under /settings/emails to resolve it for the clients. Still, it would be nice to have the ability to have alignment work as intended.

+1 for me too.

DMARC alignment problems are a real issue for how Syncro is sending email. We just posted this feature request below:

As far as DKIM, all of our Syncro related email is passing DKIM without any trouble.