Displaying Specific Rates (Products/Services) Only for Specific Customers

Question for anyone that might have experience with this.

We created rates (Products and Services entries) for each of our customers. So far so good, with one exception.

When we make a new ticket, all rates are showing available for each customer.

Does anyone know of a way to limit specific rates to specific customers in tickets? Thanks!

Hi Dereks, where in specific are you looking at the rate on the ticket, do you mean the tax rate? Or do you mean that you created a set of products and you want to limit the products you can add to that ticket?

Hi Alexandra. These are rates that were added as “Products & Services” in Syncro, where I’m hoping to make specific rates only available to specific customers when working on tickets.

Contracts will be the best way to go, as it lets you set rates and blacklist products. https://help.syncromsp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002535114-Contract-Management-with-Service-Level-Agreements

So you could say customer A gets rate product A, then product B and product C are blacklisted so they cannot be sold to that customer. It also allows for rate overrides if you want to do some custom pricing.

Is it possible to whitelist just certain products in a contract?