Display a Contacts Assets when the Contact is displayed

If I’m looking for the direct phone number of a Contact of a Client, I might have navigated to Customers and then to Contacts, and now have the Contact Tab open.
So I then call the Contact.
But now I need to access their endpoint, or perhaps I need to see a list of the tickets that are linked to only that Contact.
That information is not on the Contact tab.
Please display any linked assets and tickets on the Contact tab for each Contact.

I agree they need this. In the meantime, you can create a custom asset field and have a script run that takes the assigned contact and puts it in that field. Then if you go up to the Search all the things box, you can search by the contact and see a list of their assets. I run this daily to keep the info as accurate as possible.

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
Set-Asset-Field -Name "Contact" -Value $contact

Dude, I always love seeing the clever stuff you come up with. This is nice.

Contacts are implemented as an orphan child. Much work is needed. Seeing a contacts tickets, would be useful.

I found an alternative way. It isn’t awesome, but is a work around, until the contacts tab is improved.

Create a custom field for contacts called Primary PC Asset that is a web link.
Into the custom field, drop in the web link for the asset https://domain.syncromsp.com/customer_assets/0000054

Doesn’t help with searching, but if a Syncro user has the contact tab displayed, then navigating to the asset is now easy.

Now I need a scheduled task using the API to auto populate and maintain that custom field.