Disabled Worldpay ... Enabled Stripe.... Worldpay is still active in Syncro, but payments fail

We were using Worldpay for the last 2 years, and recently decided to go separate ways and move our payment processing back to stripe.

We got our API Key information updated for Stripe and enabled for payments in the Syncro App Center. (We disabled (unchecked) Worldpay).

However, Whether we try to take a payment on the backend in Syncro or if our clients try to make a payment from the customer portal, it always still pulls a Worldpay window to complete the payment.

The only way we can actually accept Stripe right now is to go into our Stripe portal directly and take payment. However, The payments aren’t linking back to our syncro instance.


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Hi @mneuman,

Just letting you know I am researching this issue. Have you submitted a ticket regarding this issue. If so, do you mind providing me with the ticket number?

Hello @mneuman,

Just circling back here, I had the support team dive deeper into this issue, looks like “process with Worldpay” is still enabled on your account. Do you mind sending over a screengrab of this box?

Hey Canden - Just circling back… This fell of my wagon for a bit. …

That being said - I’m not certain how to get to that window? I don’t see it in the WorldPay App Sub-window.

Also, I did submit a ticket this morning: 106143

This is now resolved.

I figured out there was a checkbox that had to be acknowledged before the credentials window and “process with Worldpay” option was made available.

I have resolved my portal issue.

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Good to know for my own knowledge. Thanks!