Disable User Ticket Notifications - API

Is there a way to turn off end-user email notifications of new tickets created via the API? I’ve scoured the settings and turned off everything I can find for end-user notifications, but they will still receive something when a new ticket is received via the API.

So it looks like the issue is that Syncro is sending an email to the end user with the initial issue content, as the ticket is being create via the API with the user’s issue as a public comment. Is there anyway to turn that off from Syncro? Changing the way the ticket is created via the API is not an option.

Syncro is working on ticket boards, which I hope they consider being able to enable/disable notifications by board. I looked at this when I first started, coming from CWA, everything flowed through tickets, but end-users didn’t get notified of automation tickets, but with Syncro, they would have, so I decided not to use tickets in this way.

Hi @moez

Please feel free to post this over here: Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community. These are reviewed regularly and it also allows for more users to engage and up-vote.