Device Offline Timer

Syncro is lacking the ability to tell when a device went offline or last checked in with Syncro. This is an important metric to determine why a device might have gone offline. Was it a power issue, internet issue, or is something else going on. The system already knows when an agent goes offline and has alerts tied to this, it just needs to display it for us to see.

This would probably tie in well with the other request for Time since last boot, and Idle time. I think Andy said it somewhere else that this will require an overhaul of the presence monitoring system. But effectively Devices need fields updated in real time for Boot time, Last seen and Idle time.

Certainly! The other request didn’t mention this, so I started a new topic. The last boot time is currently in the system, it can be found in the quickview as last reboot time, or in the asset’s system information. Idle time would certain require some coding, but IMO device offline timer would not as Syncro already knows when a system goes offline (offline alerts), it just needs to show us that information in the interface.

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