Device offline every half hour, device is online can't mute

Every half hour device alerts me that it’s offline, I check it’s online. I look at alerts there is nothing there to Mute, all I can think of is to uninstall client. How can I stop this

In your policy, what do you have the offline alert set to?

It’s the same policy as the other 390 devices in that client. So I should create another policy and move this there and disable the alert? It’s a workaround, thanks

I created a folder, created a policy with no alert and moved the device into it. It’s the fear of the new policy inheritance, hopefully it will stop alerting, even though it’s something I would like to know if it goes down. Thx

You don’t even have to create a folder, you can apply a policy directly to the device level if you want. Folders just make it easy to add more in the future/change policy on multiple assets easily. I would report this issue to support if you’re sure it’s not an issue on your side. Maybe trying setting up a persistent ping to and see if there are any dropouts over several hours.