Device idle time & time online fields

Be great to have 2 new device fields, one for idle time and one for uptime - both in time elapsed


There is a last boot/reboot time that works for uptime, however, it is not instantly updated. I agree about needing device idle time!

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I must be out of votes :frowning:

I also agree that a system uptime field is necessary, and would be nice to have as a quick view somewhere on the asset page. Also, to be able to search for assets that have been on for more than x days.

When a client calls, the first thing I need to see is how long the system uptime is. Same thing as if I connect to the asset and go to task manager, go to Performance and see System Uptime.

Can we please get this as a new field, and have it update more often than every 6 hours please?

This field does exist in Quick View under Last Reboot Time. It can also be found by going into the asset, System Info Tab, and Last Boot Time, however, I believe it’s on the 6 hour sync, so it isn’t as accurate as it should be. It needs to be on the 15 minute sync and perhaps on a reboot trigger and update as soon as the service starts.

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