Desktop APP would be nice

A desktop app, just like Domotz & Splashtop would be a nice platform to work with.

Any desktop app will naturally be restricted by the capabilities of the API, yet at the same time provide opportunities to have additional features not currently in Sycnro.
I am working on a desktop app in my spare time, and over time it will support other systems in addtion to Syncro.
It will be a Winform app written in .NET Core.

Once the beta version is ready, others will have an opportunity to try/use it.
No time frame at the moment.

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for putting the time and effort into this, much appreciated.

If we get anything that is worth while releasing, it will ultimately end up as a licensed/paid for product.

I am quite passionate about front ends for Cloud systems that the IT industry use, as the WebUIs and systems we all use, are all different varations of horrible in my opinion, compared to what can be done with a Desktop app.
Our first attempt at building apps in this space we chose to end late last year for a bunch of reasons.
So this will be a reboot, with a different approach to find solutions to the same problems.