Desktop Agent - Submit A ticket Screenshot Error

Hey there,

I have 1 specific client workstation that gets an error when they try to submit a ticket with a screenshot to Syncro. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? See the image below for the error.

Hi David, a few things to check…

  • Are they filling out all the required fields? If they leave one blank they can get an error.
  • Are there any Ticket Custom Fields that are required? (try making them not required)

In a few cases, the issue self resolved, if it persists go ahead and contact us at and we’ll dig into your settings. It’s most likely field related.

From his screenshot it looks like they are clearly filling out the fields.

As far as custom fields, we don’t have the ability to add any extra fields in the contact form as it is static and not editable, so how could that even be an issue?

OK yea, just getting back to this. Correct, everything is filled out and it is isolated to this 1 computer. Is there a log I can look at to see what broke on the back end? I cant find any errors in the event log.

@DavidT Our team can help look through the logs. Can you submit a support ticket with a link to the asset?

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Just submitted a ticket :slight_smile: