Deleted asset re-added, no scripts applied

Our policy is to remove any asset that goes offline >90 days. I just found one computer that was misplaced during an office move and had been deleted from Syncro. When I installed the agent again I noticed the following odd behavior:

  1. There was no alert that a new asset had been created
  2. Opening the asset page did not show me the typical “completing first checkin” with most details blank
  3. Our onboarding scripts (applied by top-level policy) did not run

Is this an issue with Syncro or is simply deleting the asset not the right way to remove old devices?

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The uninstall does not remove the UUID. So Syncro recognized the device and unless you have Always or run > X days set on your setup scripts, they wouldn’t run again.

Does Syncro still keep track of the UUID even if the asset was deleted from Syncro? He said this one was (at least that’s the way I’m reading it).

I can’t be 100% sure, but I’m assuming it just kicks off the install and the normal install doesn’t. It fits the same pattern as other cases where the UUID remains and the agent is reinstalled. 3 items he noted fit behavior with an asset that isn’t “new”.

So I guess I should rephrase my question: How do I get Syncro to see it as “new”?

Delete the asset from Syncro dashboard, then go to the asset and run the uninstall script at the link below. It will remove all traces of Syncro (the regular uninstall will leave the unique identity key in the registry).

UUID Uninstaller: