Delete/Edit Script History

It would be helpful to be able to clear the script history for an asset. A bonus would be the ability to selectively delete items.

Use case: I just re-imaged a laptop with our standard image, so the script history is invalid, but I don’t want to have to delete the asset and re-create it just to clear out the existing script history that’s no longer valid.

Interesting. I haven’t done any imaging in a long time. This may not be any help, but why not utilize the polices and scripts to onboard a new device instead of imaging a device. We’ve setup so when assigned to correct policy it installs and configures everything we need to any new device. Then you bypass problems that come with re-imaged machines.

This particular client doesn’t have an on-premises server with AD or roaming profiles. In fact, most of my small business clients don’t. I’ve looked into it occasionally, but I hit a wall with clients who store GBs of data to their desktops, have laptops with small SSDs, constant staff turnover, etc. and haven’t bothered. Also for this client, there is no standard set of software that everyone uses – one segment of the practice has IP soft phones and billing software on their home laptops, another has medical device programming software and uses Gmail, management uses Outlook and has things like QuickBooks that regular staff shouldn’t have… I know all of these hurdles are solvable, given time and attention, e.g. I could mess with sysprep, Intune, etc. and get it all working like a dream – I’d especially like roaming profiles for some clients – but it’s currently just not a good investment of my (non-billable) time to research and test. Same thing for RDS or VDI – would love to get into it, but just not a strong enough use case in my client base. Maybe I’ll get into some of these things as my MSP expands thanks to Syncro.

we have a bunch of small clients with less than 10 computers and many do not have AD and run on a workgroup. We use Syncro scripting to achieve the same functionality as GPO and even if I had AD I would never use roaming profiles it is a total Cr@! shoot there are better ways to achieve this but roaming profiles is a bad option always has been. We also use Syncro to set up drive mappings where this is needed.