Default Xero accounts for invoices & POs - how do you handle this?


I’m looking to get a little feedback from those who use Xero for either their invoicing and/or just general bookkeeping.

In Syncro’s app integrations > sync settings for Xero, it is only possible to list one default revenue account and one default expense/liability account. We initially selected our most common however this requires us to go in to every line item in Xero and correct those that are different and of course it resulted in many items being missed / categorized incorrectly. We’ve now set this to simply be uncategorized so we don’t miss any but of course the administrative time is really starting to add up by fixing every line item.

So my question is, how do you handle this? Is there a way to get line items to sync better? Do you not use Syncro for invoicing / POs? Or do you just accept the additional time requirement? Thanks!