Default policy folder for new devices

Currently, when new devices are added, they go in the top level policy folder. It would be extremely helpful and would save a tremendous amount of time if we could specify a default folder for new assets, for each client. The best scenario would be an ability to choose the policy folder based on the device type or search (servers vs workstations). This would automate onboarding, and save time and hassle.

I think it depends on the installer you use? I think that depends on how you setup your folders for policy inheritance. When you select your installer just select the folder where you want it to go. Unless Iā€™m missing something.


That is one way to do it, but it is multiple installers to keep track of, especially if using multiple policy folders. Clients dont respond well to being provided 6 different installer they have to keep track of, and we still need to audit the policy folders to make sure they indeed used the correct installer. It is a mess.

Would be much more helpful and professional to have a single installer, and assign default policy folders.