Default contract for new tickets

We use multiple contracts for our clients, and override rates, and block products. Currently, techs must select the contract on every ticket. They often forget to change the contract, and I agree that it is an unnecessary step to take on every single ticket. In addition, and more importantly, many scripts we wrote will open a ticket, add time, and close the ticket, but the contract is not applied. This is resulting in a huge amount of wasted time auditing all tickets for missing contracts.

Yes, there is an option to apply contract to all tickets, but that overrides tickets where we explicitly do not want a contract (uncovered services), and it applies the blocklist to all tickets. This is not the same functionality needed by a default option.

Please add an option on the contracts, to make it the default contract for all new tickets.


Also Interested in a solution for this.
Use case - Customer has AYCE support and we cover 15 users/ workstations. They need assistance with troubleshooting an issue on an end users BYOD, or we are setting up a new workstation, but it falls in to project work which is not covered, etc.


Has anyone seen movement on this question?

We are also looking hard at this and even for ‘Recurring Tickets’ for things like user login audits and so-on, there doesn’t seem to be a field for ‘Contract’. It has to be selected by the tech or whoever is dispatching the ticket, every single time.