CyberDrain Scripting Suggestions

For those of you that don’t know, we have an ongoing partnership with CyberDrain to provide PowerShell scripts for our Community Scripting Library each month. A portion of these script can represent custom user-submitted requests. This topic is for you all to suggest and discuss what scripts you’d like to see as part of this program.

This topic will remain open so feel free to offer new suggestions and promote existing suggestions at whatever cadence you’d like. Also, be sure to be as detailed as possible in terms of what you’d like the script to accomplish specifically.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


Can we get CyberDrains Warranty Info Script to include Syncro?

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Could we get script to Monitor and Setup Onedrive Backups


Yeah… Known Folder Backup configuration and check scripts would be golden. Great idea!

Cyberdrain has a suit of Onedrive KFM stuff on the site. Getting those added to the Syncro library with any changes and docs to make them work great would be sweet

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Improve the Windows Backup Script, ot also open a ticket when it has an error when runing the script.

Another vote for OneDrive KFM, and just general OneDrive sync client monitoring.

Easy, just copy the create ticket command into the catch block and modify the subject

we have a server with windows backup with warnings, no ticket was raised and the script finished sucessfully, shouldnt a ticket be opened for warnings?

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That depends on how a warning appears in Get-WBSummary. The script only checks to see if LastBackupResultHR -ne ‘0’, so if a warning doesn’t make that a non-zero value, then you’d get no ticket. Or if the ticket option wasn’t set to yes.

@Andy is this another thing that you guys just stopped doing without telling anyone like OpenOffice hours? or are the scripts being posted someplace else, I can’t seem to find anything new since January

We announce these each month in the Scripting category. HERE is the new scripts that were added for March.

Thanks for the answer, I guess my searching needs to be better LOL

No problem, these community forums are new for me too :).

Set up OneDrive backups:

I looked at monitoring, but 1D doesn’t write errors to the Event Log, it uses its own error log file, so it would be a bit of a job to set up monitoring.

Hey @derek.froese, I know you were more than likely talking about a more robust way to monitor for OneDrive errors but CyberDrain has posted a script on how to monitor if the KFM has been set.

Monitoring with PowerShell: Monitoring Onedrive Known Folder Move (

I’m really surprised that this hasn’t gotten more traction, but would love to see Kelvin (CyberDrain)'s AzWarranty stuff integrated with Syncro. For those of us that don’t want another cost for something like WarrantyMaster/ScalePad, the very simple warranty date collection stuff from CyberDrain was perfect.

We pretty much used just that Azure function with Datto RMM before we moved to Syncro. Honestly surprised that RMM vendors haven’t licensed or built their own integrations to pull warranty information, and kind of disappointed that Syncro doesn’t yet have anything to address this, as 99% of the work is already done for them…

“we have an ongoing partnership with CyberDrain”
Is it still ongoing, or has it died? All caught up on requests? Last update was June.
Thank you.

There was some added end of August also, they’re in the script library. I think they were posted on FB, but maybe didn’t get a post here on the forum.