Customize Splashtop RMM EnableSharePUC

We want to use the ability to ask the client for consent and after 30 seconds to be able to connect automatically.

To do this, you have to set EnableSharePUC to 2.

The problem is that after a short time it gets reverted back. How can we make it persist?


interesting! i didn’t even know this is possible (checked the streamer settings now and yes it is there). we had this feature with N-Able RMM Take Control and it was very helpful.
Any way to push a script to enable the feature on all assets?

You can push it, but it gets reverted by Syncro, so it’s useless at the moment. Waiting some feedback from support.

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I too would like to see this as a persistent option.

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Hi Vlad,
I see that your support ticket has been answered - for transparency, this is a feature request that my colleague has sent over to the product team. While there is no ETA on feature requests, this is something that may interest others as well. Please feel free to post this request here: Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community where it can be reviewed and allow for other users to engage and up-vote.

Was this ever resolved or put through as a new feature. We recently moved from Atera to Syncro and since being on Syncro have lost the ability to control this.

From my knowledge, it wasn’t resolved. We opened a ticket and was assured that it is on the requested features, but that was it.

Thanks for the response Vlad. I’ve just posted to the Syncro facebook group to see if anyone has managed to find a workaround.