Customer Self service

has anyone setup a self service system where customers can go to your website subscribe to a plan and it create a recurring invoice in syncro? and then obviously send them the rmm link and set up there plan automatilcy?

if so how would i go about it, i can use syncros api to create subscriptions but am struggling on how to link that with syncro without doubling up invoices

I’m very keen to see the answer to this, I am looking at doing the same thing.

currently working with the syncro api to create something, current idea of implementation,
customer visits website chooses plan, plan choice stored
customer selects if they are an existing or new customer,
new customer fills in details api then creates customer, creates recurring invoice, generates invoice,
creates portal user, redirects customer to portal to make payment and also emails rmm link,

similar for exisitng customer but it just confirms details and does the same as above

still working out how to automate once they install the program how to give them the selected plan thinking it will create then put the asset in a folder depending on which plan they chose, might make a script in syncro that when the rmm is installed it automaticly detects if they have a paid invoice or something, but ideas welcome on how to do that part.

I don’t have any ideas about API stuff, but I have recently implemented automation of 365 licensing through Pax8 which is working out pretty well, there are some really frustrating invoice limitations which are making it difficult though.

I don’t really understand why some limitations exist, but I’ll ask in the correct forum and hope that it gets resolved. Actually considering not invoicing from Syncro at all and using Xero instead as Syncro haven’t put any effort into fixing their payment gateways so don’t have much choice, there simply isn’t a viable option. Worldpay is a disaster, Stripe implementation doesn’t allow us to charge our credit card fees to the client, and I refuse to foot the bill for those. I also can’t see a way to charge a % amount to an invoice total to cover these fees so Stripe not viable either.

Would be sweet if Syncro were willing to workshop issues we’re having but I get mostly slience when I ask questions and there isn’t a platform for “feature requests” (essential changes).

By the way, I think some of this functionality already exists, did you look at the Woocommerce integration? I messed around with it a while back but haven’t had time to follow up.

I did, But could not find a way to link it with my current setup of recurring invoices and reminders. just away to test if i use stripes payment option for websites if it will sync with Syncro and add the payment options onto there profile